Do you speak Legalese?

Contracts have to be drafted in a precise and for forward thinking way. You should leave it to the experts to write contracts, which are legally secure and at the same time easy to understand. We support you in drafting contracts and templates under Swiss law. Every contract is reviewed by legal professionals and edited according to your needs.
We have specialized in areas such as:

  • Employment law
  • Purchase law
  • Tenancy law
  • Real Estate and property law.
  • Other areas on request.

Other areas on request. Moreover, contract management has to keep up with today’s fast moving world. We also support you in managing and editing contracts and in making any changes within the scope of a specific project.
The requirements of a transparent and compliant contract management are high and it is a massive undertaking for many companies to store information and contracts in such a way that they are readily available whenever needed. Upon request we advise you on how to best file contracts. If you still have an archive with paper contracts, we can assist you in converting it into an electronic database.

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