Proofreading (in German)

We offer proofreading services in German, especially for legal texts. No matter if you have written a bachelor or master thesis, PhD dissertation or if you are working on journal articles, legal textbooks or any other documents: With our professional proofreading services you can rest assured that your text is not only linguistically correct but also that the content makes sense to the reader. We will take care of the fine-tuning so that you can deliver a correct and comprehensible work for your target group.

We check that your text is free of grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and that it conveys your message effectively and clearly in perfect German. Our focus is on clarity, legibility, orthography, punctuation, hyphenation, grammar and consistent terminology as well as spelling. Upon request we also consider corporate styleguides. During the proofreading, we will also make sure that the format of headings, sub-headings, footnotes, bibliographical references, tables, figures etc. is consistent and correctly set out.

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